Recruitment with Journal des Casinos

The "Casino Profile" solution:
Submit your vacancies and recruit among the candidates registered
in the CV database of the Journal des Casinos, for 150 € per position to fill :

  • Services:
    For each position to fill, this special offer gives you access to the following six services :

    1) Your job offer remains online during 1 month
    2) Your job offer is featured in our weekly newsletter,
    3) Your job offer is sent to those candidates who have subscribed to job alert,
    4) We carry out a look up in our CV database for matching profiles,
    5) We carry out pre-recruitment among the candidates of the CV database : contact, availability, interest for the job, etc
    For jobs in the hospitality industry, we carry out a thorough search in the CV database managed by ITC Development, a recruitment agency. Click here for more information about ITC Development.

Unique fee for the "Casino Profile" solution
150 euros HT per vacancy
Possible on-demand subscription for unlimited job advertisement
  • A few figures about our CV database (more than 200 registered candidates)
  • Sex group breakdown:
    73% men - 27% de women

    Age group breakdown:
    19% are 36 or over
    15% are between 31 and 35
    27% are between 26 and 30
    38% are between 20 and 25

    Experience (in years):
    45% have more than 5 years of experience
    22% have between 3 and 5 years of experience
    14% have less than 2 years of experience
    19% unknown

    28% are dealers
    15% are members of a management committee (mainly slot machines)
    13% are technicians
    16% are cashiers, chief cashiers, etc.
    7% work at the bar or restaurant
    8% are security agents or physiognomists
    7% work with public reception
    5% work in sales
    1% work in entertainment

  • Questions / Answers: How to proceed to submit a job vacancy to Journal des Casinos ?

You are already a member and wish to submit a new job, please send all details to

Payment, by check or electronic transfer, is due at reception of the invoice. No online payment available.

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